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Industrial level professionalism guaranteed with gravity defying performance, accuracy and ethics. Satisfaction is a right here. 

Architectural design & Structural design
Elevator supply (Domestic & Industrial)
Property Management
Interior design

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Our Specialization

Thoroughly professional and we have experts with years of experience to cater to your absolute need!

Completion On Time

Punctuality is second nature to us. Deadlines are deadly serious to us!

Project Management

SFHL maintains a team of experienced and qualified professionals for efficient management.

Affordable Prices

Homes don't have price tags on them, period.

Architecture & Exterior Design

When designing a project SFHL not only focuses on the aesthetic part of a project but also the functionality of design.

Meticulous Planning

A perfect planning is the start of a perfect work!


In SFHL we strictly ensure the quality of construction. Our structural design parameters are based on Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC), American Standard of Testing Materials (ASTM), & American Concrete Institute (ACI) Standards.